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Dental implants: Designed like natural teeth in Ontario, CA

Dental implants in Ontario, CA at the office of Dr. Mukesh Patel provides a strong foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Patients without teeth regain their ability to eat just about anything. They smile confidently, and the shape and youthful contours of the face are preserved. Implants available at Ontario Dental Center are small, cylindrical posts made from medical-grade titanium. When placed in the jawbone, where teeth are missing, these implants bond with the surrounding bone. This process creates the stable foundation for artificial teeth. Additionally, implants prevent the destructive process of bone resorption or bone loss. Therefore, the jawbone stays healthy.

Implants are transforming how patients live, for the better! We have seen firsthand just how comfortable and confident people feel when eating, speaking, and laughing with their new and improved teeth.


Like so many other patients have found, dental implants may be the preferred option for you. Before we move forward with treatment, we’ll complete a dental and radiographic exam. Your medical history will also be evaluated. Your unique characteristics and preferences are assessed and discussed. Dr. Patel may also enlist the expertise of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. It is important to be open with us about any hesitations you may have. We look forward to answering your questions, and we enjoy working in partnership with you to restore the health and beauty of your smile.


Each dental implant is designed to function as a replacement tooth root. As such, the implant is precisely placed in the jawbone during a straightforward surgical procedure. Tiny posts or attachments are then connected to the implant. These posts stick out above the surface of the gums serving as anchors that hold the artificial teeth in place.

Most of the time, the process is completed in two phases:

The surgeon places the implants that you need in your jaw. Over a three- to six-month period, the implants bond to the surrounding bone. Provisional dentures may be worn, and we can instruct on the best diet during this time. Meanwhile, Ontario Dental Center designs the permanent bridge or denture.

Your surgeon applies tiny “collars” to implants. Each collar promotes healing and prevents gum tissue from forming over the implant. Also, after the implant and bone are bonded, Dr. Patel makes your artificial teeth. Impressions or models of the mouth are also taken. Then, a post is attached to each implant. Your new teeth are eventually connected to those posts.

From start to finish, patients can get their new smile in about six to eight months. Most patients’ day-to-day lives are not disrupted and these steps fit in well with active lifestyles.

Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium roots, that are replaced with in the jawbone to resemble a tooth or group of teeth. A screw is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone. A porcelain crown is then attached to the screw to become the new tooth or teeth. They can be used to support dental prosthesis including crowns, dentures, and bridges. Today’s treatments are so natural looking, no one will know you had surgery. There’s approximately a 95% success rate for all implants. With modern advances in dentistry, some implants can be restored immediately with life like all porcelain crowns. For more details ask your dentist.