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A dental bridge can replace a single tooth or a group of teeth. Dentures are designed to replace both teeth and gums for people who are missing many teeth or all of their teeth, or for those who anticipate having most (if not all) of their teeth extracted. There is no need to hold on to badly decayed or damaged teeth that make you feel “less than.” We offer many dentures services. 

Natural-looking dentures, regardless of the type 

Dr. Mukesh Patel of Ontario Dental Center looks forward to introducing you to the many different types of dentures that may be used to rebuild your smile and functionality. He offers both conventionally designed partial and complete dentures that may be removed for cleaning and soaking, as well as implant-retained dentures. Patients’ satisfaction with dentures comes down to having a great fit. If the denture does not conform to the shape of your upper or lower jaw, it tends to shift around in your mouth. The denture can rub up against the insides of the mouth, irritating soft tissues and causing painful sores. Patients may refrain from eating the foods they need for adequate nutrition or that they once loved and may no longer get enjoyment from meals due to the discomfort and challenge of chewing food with ill-fitting dentures. 

Poorly fitting appliances can also interfere with your ability to pronounce words clearly, and they accelerate bone loss. The supportive bone in your jaw stays strong, thanks to the force that is generated from chewing food and other functions. This stimulation is transmitted through the tooth from its surface, extending to the jawbone. When teeth are missing, the jawbone does not get the “exercise” it needs to retain its height and density. As bone resorbs, facial tissues retreat, resulting in a sunken or aged appearance. Likewise, problems with chewing or speaking are hastened. 

We assure well-fitting dentures stay that way by evaluating them during routine visits to our office in  Ontario, CA. Services such as relining and rebasing keep these teeth and gums looking, feeling, and functioning like the day you first got used to them.

When exploring types of dentures, patients may be weighing the pros and cons of conventional dentures vs. implants systems. Whereas traditional dentures systems get their support from natural suction, which underscores the importance of proper fit, Implant-retained systems are supported by dental implants strategically placed in the jaw. The denture framework is then connected to implants with clips or other types of attachments. 

Conventional or implant-supported, all dentures at Ontario Dental Center are designed to provide lasting comfort and health to the wearer. Schedule a visit to discuss your options with Dr. Patel. Call (909) 414-3535.