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The comprehensive general dentistry services you expect, with technologies that stand out in Ontario, CA

We’re glad to introduce you to some of the ways Ontario Dental Center distinguishes itself from other practices in the area, and we look forward to seeing you and your family soon.

Exceptional preventive care

By its very nature, “general” dentistry spans a wide array of services to keep or restore the health of your teeth, gums, and associated structures. Dr. Mukesh Patel’s practice is built on a foundation of personalized care, which prevents the need for treatments or restorative dentistry. Additionally, he practices conservative dentistry; patients enjoy the most natural appearance, feel, and function when maximum tooth structure is preserved. These approaches are also less traumatic to the patient, and support a better experience at the dentist’s office.

For instance, we may recommend a “deep cleaning” with root scaling and planing before suggesting more invasive approaches to resolve gum disease. Many patients have restored the healthy attachment between teeth and gums, non-surgically. It’s also amazing how simple adjustments to how you brush and floss can make a big difference in preventing the oral problems that threaten the health of your teeth and gums. As we get to know you, we’re able to identify and demonstrate specific changes that save you time and money, and prevent pain and stress over the long run.

Elevating the “standard of care”

6 Months Smile – Cosmetic Braces
Cosmetic Braces - Before & After Results

Historically, treatments such as removable dentures and bridges were considered to be the “standard” ways to replace teeth. Dr. Patel has invested in advanced training and technologies. So, he offers the latest restorative procedures, such as dental implants. Bridges and dentures supported with implants strategically placed in the jawbone are designed like real teeth, for the ultimate stability and the most natural feel and chewing function.

Additionally, Dr. Patel uses digital imaging associated with 50 percent less radiation exposure than conventional systems. From intraoral cameras to high-powered microscopy, the diagnostics that he uses gives very precise and clear images. These technologies allow him to accurately detect problems early when they’re easiest to treat. Effective treatment starts with a correct understanding of the source of your discomfort and other systems.

Ontario Dental Center is also pleased to offer:

  • Gentle dentistry with “low-touch” lasers
  • Cosmetic dentistry, from stunning porcelain veneers to cosmetic braces
  • CEREC crowns made while you wait – no temporary crowns, no return visits, no hassles!
  • Cost-saving, in-house membership plan – No insurance? No problem!

This is just a glimpse into the many services that distinguish us from your “run of the mill” general dental office. Now that you’ve got to know a little about us, let’s get to know you. Call (909) 414-3535 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel.

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