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Dental bonding dramatically transforms the appearance of your teeth with ease in Ontario, CA

Dental bonding in Ontario, CA, at the office of Dr. Mukesh Patel, represents one of the fastest and easiest ways to dramatically alter the appearance of your smile.

Bonding at Ontario Dental Center

Today’s dental materials are designed to look, feel, and function no differently than natural and healthy teeth. In this case, Dr. Patel can take that toothlike material, prepare its color to blend in with the surrounding teeth, and bond or fix it securely to
the natural tooth structure.

When bonding may be appropriate

Dental bonding is versatile. It can be used to disguise a variety of cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Chips and other signs of wear
  • Modest cracks
  • Discoloration that doesn’t respond to professional whitening
  • Gaps between teeth
  • “Short” or worn teeth (and other size-oriented issues)
  • Irregular shape and other concerns with tooth contour

The process

If dental bonding is appropriate for you, the process of revamping and strengthening your teeth is quite straightforward. It starts with slightly abrading the surface of each tooth that is undergoing treatment. Then, a conditioning liquid is applied. The textured surface, along with the application of a conditioning product, helps the dental material adhere exceptionally to the natural tooth structure. That material is pliable and putty-like, which provides an opportunity for Dr. Patel’s artistry and skills to shine. He’ll mold and shape the color-matched and prepared “putty” to precisely correct the specific imperfections that led to your seeking out bonding treatment in the first place. For instance, the material is finessed to cover up excess spaces between teeth or to camouflage an entire tooth with discoloration that resists professional whitening products.

Once everything looks perfect and natural, Dr. Patel hardens and bonds the material to your tooth using a specialized, light-based device. Trimming and polishing put the finishing touch on your improved teeth!

Ready to reveal your confident smile?

Dental bonding must be performed on patients with healthy teeth and gums. Therefore, if an exam uncovers active disease or decay, those oral health problems must be resolved. Treated teeth hold up well with good oral hygiene and professional cleanings done at our office, at intervals as recommended by Dr. Patel. We at Ontario Dental Center are happy to discuss ways patients in and around Chino, Montclair, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, and Pomona can keep their treated teeth healthy and looking great, including refraining from habits that can cause damage (such as chewing ice and other hard objects).

Depending on your unique needs and preferences, common alternatives to dental bonding include porcelain veneers, orthodontics such as Invisalign, and restorative treatments like tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays (partial crowns), and full-coverage crowns. There is sure to be an option to return your smile to its healthy beauty. Call (909) 414-3535 to schedule a visit with Dr. Patel.

Dental Bonding at Ontario Dental Center - Dr. Mukesh Patel

Dental Bonding at Ontario Dental Center - Dr. Mukesh Patel
Do you have any chipped teeth or cavities? Dental bonding is the solution for you. The white composite filling would hardly show the coverage done. Watch this video to learn more as Dr. Mukesh Patel explains the process.

What is dental bonding?

Hello, this is Dr. Mukesh Patel from Ontario Dental Centre. Dental bonding is one of the most common procedures that’s done daily in any dental office.

Dental bonding is also known as a composite filling. They are the white filling that is normally used to fix chipped teeth or cavities.

How is dental bonding done?

To do the bonding, we need to clean the tooth, remove all the cavities, prepare the tooth with different chemicals and the bonding material.

Then you put the resin material, shape it to the desired shape, harden it with UV light, and then polish it to make it nice and smooth.

Once it’s done, it’s hard even to tell that you have something done because it looks just like your normal tooth.

So if you chipped tooth or cavities and need to get it fixed, the composite white fillings are the way to go.

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