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Rebase and repairs services in Ontario, CA keep your dentures looking, feeling, and functioning like new

At Ontario Dental Center we ensure dentures are made precisely to your mouth for an exceptional fit. In partnership with you, we also ensure that dentures continue to fit as well as when you first received them. Rebase and repairs in Ontario, CA are just a few of the denture services that are available to our patients. Dr. Mukesh Patel doesn’t cut corners on the quality of materials or the techniques used to maintain your attractive smile, as well as healthy function and comfort.

Rebase services

During routine visits, Dr. Patel examines the fit of your dentures, and confirms that all parts of your denture are in great working order. During these visits, he may decide that the pink acrylic base of your dentures (the part that recreates your gums) should be replaced. Over time, the base can sustain wear and tear; it may break or weaken and threaten the stability of your teeth. Rebase services involve taking a new impression.

This service also presents a great opportunity for patients to receive a brand-new soft liner which is placed under the firm plastic denture, the soft material (or “liner”) behaves like a cushion. It protects delicate gums and supportive tissues from the hard, denture material. Patients with frequent sores, sensitive gums, and narrow or sharp jaw bones may benefit from this approach.

Reline services

A reline ensures your dentures continue to fit and function in a healthy manner. Over time, the process of bone loss can cause your dentures to no longer fit as well as they once did. In turn, your dentures may become loose and slide around, this may cause problems speaking clearly or chewing comfortably. Dr. Patel restores the fit of your dentures by adding a lining to your dentures. Using new impressions of your mouth, a hard reline involves modifying the acrylic to fit your tissues. For a soft reline, a pliable material is applied to your denture for enhanced comfort.

Repairing your dentures

We also offer prompt denture repair. There are a number of ways that dentures can be damaged and, in turn, repair services vary from patient to patient. For instance, we can fix fractured dentures, broken clasps or attachments that connect partial dentures to surrounding teeth. Regardless of your specific needs, Ontario Dental Center provides peace of mind that these services are available to get you back to eating, smiling, laughing, and speaking comfortably and confidently right away.

Don’t resort to Do-It-Yourself repairs or adjustments that can irrevocably damage your dentures and your oral health when quality, professional care is a call away to Ontario Dental Center at (909) 414-3535.